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QR Code - Inmobiliaria Juan López

Copy in your mobile phone our data with this QR code:

What is a QR code?: It is a system to store information in a kind of barcode art. With the help of a mobile can retrieve this information just by pointing the camera at the QR code.

For what is it used? : With this system you can capture with your mobile phone for contact information and location, save it in the phonebook, call, visit our website, email or even view the location on Google Maps.

What do I have to do?: Simply open the bar code reader on your phone and point the camera at the QR code. Within seconds the information will appear on the screen and you use it.
Your phone does not bring installed a barcode reader?
Have you looked good? They usually come pre-installed on modern phones but do not worry. You can download from the internet. Below you can see some of the readers "QR-codes ":

-Barcode Scanner
-ixMAT Scanner
-Kaywa Reader